ABC's Interactive Course covers 95% of your test topics. Includes daily lectures that are exam focused, evidence-based and in accordance with the latest ACOG guidelines. Lectures are followed by exam specific interactive sessions: Written Questions Bootcamp, Test Taking Methodology, Case List Construction and Defense, Structured Cases, Mock Oral Scenarios, AOBOG 4th Station and more. Free evening sessions.

The ONLY professional review course in the nation with Category 1 CME credit hrs and Peer-Reviewed RESULTS.

Course dates: November 18-22, 2020 Course. Virtual via Zoom. 

In light of the global emergency concerning the continuous increase in COVID-19 cases and for the safety of all our candidates, faculty and staff, we have made the difficult decision to alter the modality of the 5-day board review course scheduled for November 18-22, 2020 and the Oral Exam Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th. We are dedicated to your success and are working with our faculty to provide the same live and interactive course online using Zoom.  This format will allow you to log on live for the lectures and will also give you the opportunity to use your computer microphone and video capability to ask questions and engage in live discussions and interactive sessions. The course agenda, the lectures, the mock oral scenarios and the interactive sessions all remain the same and will be presented live by our committed faculty. We believe that this change in modality will still allow you to fully participate in the course, which is comprised of the high-yield test topics, while being able to remain in a safe location.  Dates for ABOG Oral Exam Candidates: November 17-22, 2020 View Details or Sign Up!

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ABC is with you every step and hour in obtaining and maintaining your ABOG and AOBOG board certification. All of the ABC faculty are practitioners and have the same hectic schedule as you. We know you may not be able to call us during traditional workday hours because you’re seeing patients. We also acknowledge and appreciate that you have to take call and be available 24/7; so we feel we should be available also.

If you have a concern after hours call 877-222-6249 to leave a message or contact us and a member of our staff will respond within 24 hours.

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October 2020 Tip of the Month
Update: ABC's November Course will be Virtual. ABOG 2020 ORAL Exam Candidates JANUARY & FEBRUARY Exam Candidates Think you’re coasting, eh? A common regret is to get caught up in the holiday ...

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This is the only and best course you'll need!! One stop shop for great lectures/didactics, mock exams and study materials. The course is rigorous and comprehensive and yet very board exam focused. After I took this course, I felt confident that I had all the material and support to pass without a doubt!!

Miki Takase-Sanchez

Excellent preparation focusing on appropriate responses to difficult questions.


Loved the timing of the course in the fall rather than spring. The case list review and construction was very helpful. The breakout sessions on the cases were great. I highly recommended this course.


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October 2020 Advisor

By Melissa Krauss October 02, 2020

Register Now for our Virtual November Interactive Review Course Test Taking TechniqueCase List Strategy Make sure you know ALL the categories on each summary sheet, not simply the ones you have applied. This is especially applicable to the office case list, where you may have strategically dodged those dreadful primary care categories. EVERY S...

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October 2020 Subspecialty News

By Melissa Krauss October 02, 2020

FPMRS 2021 ORAL Exam Candidates  Now it’s time to focus on finishing that case list and formulating a study plan. Speaking of that study plan… We’ve done all the hard work for you with our FPMRS Virtual Interactive Board Review Course, which will be held on Nov 20-22. ABC’s Course Director, Dr. Amos Adelowo has created an innovative and integrat...

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September 2020 Advisor

By Melissa Krauss September 01, 2020

6 day Review Course for ABOG Oral Exam Candidates September 15-20 - VirtualOur review course is filled with focused didactic sessions on OB, REI, Primary Care, Oncology, GYN/Office & FPM.Afternoon small groups will use an oral exam format to implement and integrate the topics reviewed in the morning session. The faculty facilitated structur...

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