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Mock Oral for Canadian Royal College Exam - 1/2 Hour Private Session

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A mock oral exam simulates your Royal College OSCE oral board exam. Most will need at least three mock oral exams as they scale that exponential learning curve to reach a comfortable level of readiness for the test.

  • A private mock oral exam is conducted by an ABC faculty member of your choice
  • This one-on-one, half-hour private session can occur during the ABC Review Course or via telephone
  • Your mock session can be recorded for later review
  • ABC faculty consists of Generalists, GYN, Oncology, REI, MFM, Urogynecologists, Internal Medicine, Family Practice

Overwhelmingly, the most common test format throughout medical school and residency is written. Years of experience with the written format make taking the written exam straightforward and predictable. Preparation for, and actually taking an oral exam is quite different. Experimentation with the oral exam format should not be reserved for your first encounter with the oral boards. DO NOT take this exam cold!

ALL of the ABC mock oral examiners are PRACTITIONERS. Just because you are obviously practicing OB/GYN doesn't mean other courses' faculty are...and unfortunately, many are NOT!

The ONLY way an examiner can REALLY understand if a candidate is knowledgeable is by actually managing the very issues that he is examining you on. We encourage you to seek out mock oral exams at home--with your colleagues, retired partners, specialists to whom you refer, etc. They won't charge you a dime. Quantity is good. However, remember their only experience with an exam was their own! At some point, you will realize. . . Don't try this at home. You need an examiner experienced in testing AND one who knows the latest exam trends. Don't risk getting false reassurance from an amateur or non-practitioner.

The ABOG examiners are both generalists and sub-specialists. 



Krishna Das

Destin Black

Alexandria Hill

Nicole Kummer

Michelle Tucker

Jennifer Wenzell

Niamh Condon


"It was a great mock oral experience.  I appreciate Dr. McDonald's sincere efforts in picking the different cases and asked appropriate (including difficult complications) questions." - AS

"The mock orals were very accurate in helping me prepare for the actual exam. Not only did it give me the opportunity to practice speaking (as it turns out the tongue has muscle memory) but it allowed me to organize and structure my responses before the actual exam." -- TS

"I lead a forum for student doctors and have been keeping my readers posted on my personal experience with my oral boards preparation. I tapped into three different companies, but your mock oral examiners were hands down the best."  --DE

"I took my exam last week and PASSED!! This was my second time and I was really worried.  Mock orals really helped (one thing I had not done last year).  Also the topic reviewed in the course were spot on!! Thanks again." --CC

"I watched the video clips on your website of Dr. Das giving a mock oral and was surprised at how accurate they were to the actual exam. Although it brought back bad memories of the exam, her style was just like my examiners: direct, fair, and professional. I had participated in (another company's) webinars and then their group and individual mock orals in Dallas.  Their style is malignant, belittling -- I remember the feelings of fear, incompetence, and shame. Needless to say this put me in a tail spin that I couldn't recover. After talking with Dr. Das on the phone to strategize for my 2nd attempt, I truly believe had I started with ABC, I would have had a completely different mindset and perhaps outcome. I guess we'll find out. I just want to alert others to not fall prey to the same scare tactics. Don't make my mistake." - NA

Dr. Das, I passed!!!! I really contribute the change in my attitude to the break-down I had the first time you gave me a mock oral. I was so fragile because I had failed the exam already twice before. You really gave me a different perspective on things and after meeting with you I told myself I could do it. Quinn (Peeper) gave me some wonderful tips and got me comfortable with topics I refused to even look at last year. The test was a completely different experience for me this year, with completely different results!!!!! Thanks for everything! I feel I have my life back again! -- JV