AOBOG Written Exam

4 Tools for Ultimate Written Exam Prep

Review high yield topics distraction free at our 5-day Review Course, learn exam methodology in the Test Taking Skills Online Course, practice with our subject-based Written Questions manual (also available online) and use our Written Practice Exam to simulate your exam (includes answers & references).

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AOBOG Oral Exam

Effective products giving you the Ultimate in Exam preparation

Review core topics at our 5-day Review Course, reinforce what you know with our Visual Clinical Scenarios, practice working on cases with our core topic Structured Cases and test your knowledge with one-on-one Mock Orals.  Can't attend one of our live courses?  Check out our Home Study Packages

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Helpful products and services in preparation for your exam

Our 5-day Review Course and six Written Questions manuals are exam focused for adult learners. The Test Taking Skills Online Course teaches exam methodology or utilize the Written Practice Exam to simulate your exam. Contact us for customized recommendations to create an ideal study plan focused on your needs!

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