Collection: Canadian Royal College Written Exam - Review Course, Workshops, Written Questions

We are here for your first step, the WRITTEN Board Exam. Our September course gives you ample time to master the material and at nearly half the cost of your Canadian review course option. Sign up to sample 24 questions

  • Comprehensive review – twice as long: 5 vs. 2.5 days
  • Lectures with Written Questions, Oral Defense Tips, and a listing of SOGC Guidelines
  • Structured cases similar to OSCE stations: Patient encounter and structured oral stations
  • Written Questions Manuals

"Excellent cours! La documentation est trēs facīle ā suire et ēnarmēment de sujets. Merci!" ELL

“We’re now the third batch of residents to come to ABC. You really took the earlier residents’ recommendations to heart by adding 1-liners, SOGC guidelines, and a laboratory conversion sheet”  SC