Subspecialty Exam

FPMRS Certifying Exam

For the ideal Exam Prep

Review key exam topics at our 3-day Review Course, optimize your articulation with our Oral Exam Webinar and Mock Orals, practice until perfect with our subject-based Structured Cases, tap into our Thesis and Case List Reviews to identify weaknesses, areas to improve and receive invaluable feedback from faculty before submission to ABOG

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    MFM Certifying Exam

    Do it right the FIRST Time

    Review high yield topics distraction free at our 3-day Review Course, reinforce what you know with the SMFM Summaries, test your knowledge with Mock Orals and expand your abilities with our Structured Cases created by Stephanie Martin, ABC's MFM Course Director.

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    REI Certifying Exam

    For the uncompromising

    Due to demand by REI's preparing for their Subspecialty certifying or oral exam, we have cultivated REI's who know what it takes to pass. Start with our faculty-driven reviews on your thesis or case list. Practice your articulation with our Mock Orals and Structured Cases.  If you are looking for additional help our faculty can provide one-on-one Mentoring.

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