Faculty - Stephanie Martin, DO, FACOG

Dr. Stephanie Martin graduated from medical school at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth. From there she moved to California and completed her OB/GYN residency and MFM fellowship at the University of California Irvine Medicine Center. Her particular expertise is in obstetric critical care and complex maternal medical conditions, particularly cardiac disease.

Dr. Martin has authored multiple book chapters and articles on the topics of critical care obstetrics, maternal cardiac disease, maternal pulmonary disease and cardiac arrest, among other topics. She is a sought after speaker and has traveled internationally to give talks on these and other obstetric issues.  Dr. Martin has been featured in several media events as well. These include Reader’s Digest and O Magazine.  In addition, she has been interviewed on Good Morning America and Fox & Friends.

Dr. Martin is well known and loved at ABC. She ranks as one of our top speakers for the general course. After receiving several years of feedback of a gap for a quality review for MFM, she was our logical pick for Course Director. She has an innate ability to simplify the tough topics. Good thing, since uniformly all would agree the toughest topic is critical care! Based upon her years as a gifted educator, Dr. Martin has carefully crafted an innovative course design, coupled with the perfect faculty to assure that we exceed your board prep needs.

University of Dallas

Medical School:
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

University of California - Irvine Medicine Center

University of California - Irvine Medicine Center

Private Practice

Quotes from our Students

“Excellent presentation. Well structured slides. Great knowledge base. Stuck to exam relevant material.”

“Great clinician and educational speaker - always a pleasure to listen to and learn from!" - AB

“Somehow Dr. Martin manages to be engaging, interesting, an awesome speaker, and is able to keep my attention for many hours even over Zoom." - SP

“Dr. Martin somehow finds ways to simplify and easily verbalize very complex topics, as well as  helping formulate good answers to examiners' potential questions" - HD

“Great speaker! Description of dopplers (S/D) ratio was excellent!”

“Dr. Martin is an excellent lecturer! She makes things clear and emphasizes what is important. Also, Dr. Martin intersperses her personal experience and humor. Thanks!!" - RES

"She is very thorough, very knowledgeable, to the point; clear conception of medical knowledge.” - ZM

“Great lecturer; interactive; available for questions; passionate about teaching!” - RR

“Incredibly impressed; very dense material broken down in relatable ways." - LS

"This was a really helpful approach to reviewing this material." - MM

“Exceptional speaker; well organized, explains “stressful” topics (like critical care) in bullet points; encourages participation with the audience - BG