Collection: ABOG FPMRS Exams - Review Course, Webinar, Mock Orals, Thesis and Case List Reviews, Q Bank

Our Executive Curriculum Committee comprised of all board-certified FPMRS leaders, academicians and practitioners has developed a collection of ultimate and strategic products and services to ensure success in achieving and maintaining your FPMRS certification.

For the Written qualifying candidate: 

  • Written Q Bank for the FPMRS Written Exam candidate
  • 3-day Interactive Review Course

    For the Oral certifying candidate: 

    • 3-day Interactive Review Course
    • Oral Exam Webinar
    • Thesis Manuscript Review, Defense and Mock Oral
    • Case List Review & Mock Oral
    • Structured Cases
    • Mock Oral exams via telephone
    • Mock Orals in Dallas the week of your exam
    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

      “Dr. Adelowo:  I wanted to extend my most heartfelt thanks as I have the wonderful news that I’ve passed my FPMRS oral board! Your course is well-organized, high yield, and greatly helpful! I will be recommending it to all my colleagues who will be preparing in the future. Thank you, again, so much. And please extend my gratitude to all the course instructors!"  BJ