Unlike any other Review Course or Exam Prep seminar, ABC gives you an all inclusive approach to tackling your ABOG oral boards. We provide both content and strategy! First, we’ll help you construct a sure-fire pass case list and then strategize on how to defend it! We go above and beyond a traditional review by delivering an exam-focused, streamlined review of 95% of exam topics. Every one of our ABC faculty are practitioners; thus, they can help you refine your oral exam skills with their mentoring through our workshops, webinars, and services. Our products reinforce the faculty mantra and help you further with oral exam proficiency.  View course topics

 “I have been to 3 review courses and hands down yours was the best – the quality, the professionalism and especially the compassion and knowledge to help me figure out what I needed to do to pass this test” - MS

“Great course. I loved the format that alternated lecture, case of day and case construction & defense.” - JP

I started the Pearls, but your course totally reinforces them and in a way that I can remember and apply to the exam

“This course is definitely a must for any ABOG oral exam candidate.” - DE



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