ABC is with you every step in your quest for board certification. We’re there for your first step, the CREOG in-service training exam and your primary ABOG WRITTEN board exam.  Our review courses, workshops, webinars and products help you achieve a score commensurate with your knowledge.  Sample our practice test

“I’ve been to several review courses, but your interactive course made all the difference. The breakout sessions helped me to understand the material and then how to apply it to the exam. The first day I was scoring 60% on the written questions and by day 3 & 4 I had only missed one! If I hadn’t gone through it myself, I would never have believed you could change my scores that much and in literally just hours!”  OE

“ I’ve been to a course where all you do is go through written questions and still failed the exam. I completed your Test taking skills course online which gave me a method to approach questions. The interactive sessions at your live course allowed me to directly apply the method, as well as to observe firsthand others using the method. I finally know where I was going wrong after all these years. It’s pointless to just do questions if you don’t know HOW to do them. In just days, I was able to undo years of bad habits.”  DC



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