Case List Workshop for ABOG Oral Exam - April 2018
  • Case List Workshop for ABOG Oral Exam - April 2018
  • Case List Workshop for ABOG Oral Exam - April 2018
  • Case List Workshop for ABOG Oral Exam - April 2018


Krishna Das

Miki Takase-Sanchez

Rachel Masch
(New York)

Quinn Peeper 
(New Orleans & Memphis)

Zena Homan

Diane Evans

Sherra Forde-Kelly


This workshop is a combination of instruction and immediate implementation of practical exercises. We start by creating a rough draft of a case list and end with a polished product. The day is exhausting, yet gratifying, as you will have a system that you can use immediately to artfully and strategically compose and rework your case list and submit a sure fire pass product.

  • 8 hour hands on workshop day prior to 2018 April review course in Charlotte, NC  
  • Use to compose or rework your ABOG case list
  • Offered the day prior to April review courses
  • Call about our satellite locations

The title "Case List Workshop" is the polite and politically correct term. "Labor camp" or "Sweat Shop" is the true description. This workshop, and the emphasis is on work, is a roll your sleeves up, get down and dirty, interactive seminar.


    "I was referred by a co-resident who came to ABC for her oral exam. She spoke very highly of your course and was actually congratulated by her examiners for her case list"  YP

    "Cleared up so many questions! I feel like I can have a successful case list. Extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Excellent!"

    "I have attended a similar seminar by a different exam prep company in the past and I feel this was much more helpful, detailed, less rushed and better explanations for how to construct the list. I felt more comfortable at the end of the workshop and recognized mistakes from the past."

     "Great job! I feel like I have the tools I need to construct an awesome case list"

    "The Verizon group session was very helpful. It made me feel more comfortable about having to present my troublesome cases and helped me to see how I can construct them on my case list."

    "Many examples of good and bad case lists which were very helpful"

    "Simplifies this crazy, complicated process"

    "Helped this overwhelming task seem not so daunting"

    "I am SOOOOOO glad I decided to come to your Case List Construction workshop. It was OUTSTANDING!  I really feel empowered to take on the oral boards experience again and be successful. After seeing examples, working through some of the cases as a group, and hearing your advice and reasoning, I can clearly see where I had shortcomings in my case list in prior years and I now no longer fear repeating the same mistakes.  I just can't tell you how this one day has tremendously boosted my confidence and motivated me."



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