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Interactive Oral Board Review Course for ABOG Certifying Exam - October

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This course will be held virtually via Zoom. ABC utilizes e-learning tools and strategies to appeal and meet the needs of all adult learners preparing for their OB/GYN certifying board exam. Each day is filled with focused didactic sessions on OB, REI, Primary Care, Oncology, GYN/Office & FPM.  Afternoon small groups will use an oral exam format to implement and integrate the topics reviewed in the morning session. The faculty-facilitated structured cases and sessions on application to your case list will provide opportunities for you to verbalize the answers as you would in the actual exam. 

All candidates will receive:

  • High-yield, exam-focused lectures including OB, ONC, Urogyn, Primary Care, Periop, OFC GYN and REI topics
  • Interactive sessions
  • Daily breakouts led by faculty
  • You will learn how to articulate answers to oral exam questions and will practice these skills daily in a simulated exam environment. Thus, you will walk into your exam with confidence.
  • Evening sessions provide oral exam strategies and techniques applicable to your case list. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to verbalize the answers as you would in the actual exam.
  • Knowledge capsules - Upon registration, you will gain access to additional lectures which you can watch at your leisure.
  • Added bonus: The entire 6 days will be recorded. Recordings will be available to all attendees for 3 months after the course.
  • Up to 50.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ available
  • The course starts Tuesday, October 3rd with Dr. Das kicking off your first day with 8 hrs of oral exam workshop. Strategize on how to defend your case list and get hands-on experience with the structured cases portion of your exam. 
  • Note:  We encourage early registration so your materials are prepared in a timely manner.  An administrative fee of $150 will be added to your registration after September 19th.

    To maximize our time together, ABC will provide you with 7+ hours of online lectures to view prior to arriving at our course. Interactive afternoon sessions will include questions on these lectures to test your retention and offers the opportunity for review.

    Choose from one of the following:

    • Comprehensive Package:  Interactive Review Course, 3 Mock Orals and Set 85 Structured Cases (streaming), 1 D3 session -  $3,552.50 (save $302.50)  
    • Premium Package:  Interactive Review Course, 3 Mock Orals and Set 85 Structured Cases (streaming) -  $3,202.50 (save $302.50)  
    • Combo Package: Interactive Review Course and 3 Mock Orals - $2,550 (save $230)    
    • Interactive Review Course - $2,300

    Mock Orals - 30-minute mock orals via telephone or Zoom.  ABC staff will reach out to you 4-5 weeks prior to your exam week
    D3 Sessions
     - 55-minute sessions 1-2 days prior to your exam day.  ABC staff will reach out to you 3-4 weeks prior to scheduling this session.  If your exam is being held virtually then this session will be held virtually via the Zoom platform.

    Sample Topics

    CME hours for October 3-8 Interactive Board Review course

    Course Objectives

    Discounts below apply to 6-day stand-alone course

    ABC offers a 10% discount ($230 savings) to qualifying registrants purchasing this 6-day board prep course priced at $2,300.  

    • Resident or Fellow in training
    • Military (either active duty or reserve component)
    • Foreign Missionary
    • Previous attendee (to one of our review courses)
    • Sign up with a friend (to receive a discount both parties must register within 48 hours of each other)

    Use Coupon Code: 1OralOCT23 in your shopping cart

    Faculty - 2023

    Amos Adelowo

    Krishna Das

    Christina Acocella

    Christy Pearce

    John Gordon

    Adam Kaplan

    Joyce Varughese

    Destin Black

    Alexandria Hill

    Michael Carson

    Kristl Tomlin

    Tara Budinetz

    Siobhan Kehoe


    "This is a great board review course! The interactive sessions really solidify the lecture content and build confidence!." 

    "“Amazing review for Urogyn. I’m going to tell all my friends about this course.” – JD

    “The other review courses that I attended just "regurgitated" information, whereas ABC actually "drilled it" (I use that term in a good way) incorporating strategy. An outstanding feature is the opportunity to add various services while at the review course (mock orals, structured cases, etc). ABC is personalized in its approach as well as in its teaching. The faculty realizes and capitalize on the fact that different people learn and retain information in various ways ....I remember many of the instructors/lecturers stating "this is just a different way of remembering/learning this particular topic"; that in itself, is worth its weight in gold!” KH

    "Even though a lot of people attend, the leadership seems very interested in each of our individual questions and concerns, which made me feel like they are genuinely interested in helping me succeed." 

    The course environment is nurturing and collegial. I found a couple of study-buddies at the course. We had phone dates at least once per week for the last couple of months leading up to the exam - oral studying is the best practice (you were right - probably the best advice!)

    "This was not the first time I was taking the exam. I had failed once before. I didn't take the time to study as I should have and also didn't study the right way. I didn't study until the board review course (took a different one), which was three weeks before the exam. And after that, I barely had time to study with my other clinical and family responsibilities. I assumed that I would pass, as I have done well with cramming for previous exams. This was not the exam to do that. Cramming does not work."
    "After I failed, I spoke to a colleague who had gone through the same thing and she said to contact Dr. Das. I contacted Dr. Das immediately and started the process right after the New Year. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have worked with ABC. The staff were not only supportive when it came to the course materials, but were also there to help me through the process emotionally. During the time I was preparing for the course, I felt like I had friends that I could reach out to, and they were immediately available. I also was in a situation where I could not pay for all items upfront and Stephanie Orr spent hours with me putting together a financial plan. NO other course would do that. They went above and beyond in all regards."   

    If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have gone with ABC from the start. Hands down. I highly recommend it for anyone taking the test for the first time or retaking it."   AA

    "Thank you so much for your help, can’t thank you enough and your ABC family: Angela, Stephanie, and Jennifer.
    It was last year when I reached out to you to help me out. I lost my hospital privileges because I should be certified within 5 years not the 8 years from ABOG. I was forced to resign so it will not reflect on my record. I was able to get into a practice and hospital willing to take me in with condition to pass the exam within the time allowed by ABOG. You gave me a strategic plan to pass this exam once and for all.  I started the preparation for 1 year starting with your February-March webinars. Case list construction In April and the course. Went back in November for Case list defense and mock orals. It was an incredible journey for somebody with multiple exam failures."   -- AD

    "SO glad I spent the time and money." 

    "I wanted to thank all of you for your help in this whole oral exam process. The workshop, the course, and the mock orals were extremely helpful to me and really made the difference in my confidence level during the test. Thanks so much for helping me pass! I will be certain to recommend your course to others." -- EL

    "I watched the video clips on your website of Dr. Das giving a mock oral and was surprised at how accurate they were to the actual exam. Although it brought back bad memories of the exam, her style was just like my examiners: direct, fair, and professional. I had participated in (another company's) webinars and then their group and individual mock orals in Dallas.  Their style is malignant, belittling -- I remember the feelings of fear, incompetence, and shame. Needless to say, this put me in a tailspin that I couldn't recover. After talking with Dr. Das on the phone to strategize for my 2nd attempt, I truly believe had I started with ABC, I would have had a completely different mindset and perhaps outcome. I guess we'll find out. I just want to alert others to not fall prey to the same scare tactics. Don't make my mistake." - NA