Faculty - Christy Pearce, MD, FACOG

Dr. Pearce earned a BS degree in Biochemistry and graduated summa cum laude from Samford University. She then obtained for MD from the University of Alabama School of Medicine, where she was also AOA. After completing her OB/GYN residency at the University of Tennessee, she earned her Masters degree and completed her MFM at the University of Kentucky. Hence, she is double boarded in OB/GYN and MFM. Currently, Dr. Pearce is in private practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are fortunate to have Christy as a member of our faculty and you’ll find that her humor leads you to see OB in a whole new way while helping you remember key points. She makes OB fun!


Samford University
Majored in Biochemistry

Medical School: 
University of Alabama School of Medicine

University of Tennessee College of Medicine

University of Kentucky

Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine Outreach Centura South State


Quotes from our Students

"Awesome job. Enjoyable stories were squeezed in to drive home the point but also to make us laugh." - TJ

"Hit on everything we needed.  So great to have such an experience clinician teaching us." - CT

"Wow I really appreciate the Q&A and the evidence based approach. Would be great if this could be given as a stand alone CME for me to take after I pass my boards to stay current.” - DS

"Dr. Pearce is awesome! Super spontaneous, authentic, on point, fun to listen to. Thanks!” - LM

"Very engaging, it was easy to stay focused during her lectures. Excellent public speaker." - JK

"Loved your energy!!!! Great job and a true realistic MFM." - LDW

"Amazing! My favorite lecturer. Genuine & engaging." - CN

“Wonderful attitude and humor toward teaching adult learners! Very easy to stay actively listening”

“Dr. Pearce should consider a side job in stand-up comedy if she were ever so inclined!”

"Her lectures gave me “sound bites” to use on the exam."

“Easy to listen to! Entertaining. Made difficult topics simplified.” - RA

"AMAZING! I had fun learning today!” - AS

"Like her anecdotal stories that helped cement diagnosis. I love the alloimmunization as a story. I am going to use that for my students and residents.” - NB

“Oral Defense Tips & cases with potential examiner questions→ super helpful in helping how to potentially answer questions; really good slide format.” - BJ

"A lot of material; good pace; kept the interest of the audience in addition to well-presented content." - PS