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5 Day Review Course for Residents

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In just 5 days, ABC covers 90% of exam topics. These 5 days are the culmination of what you have been doing with your residents throughout their 4 years of training. Submersion in our intense environment forces no distractions, so your residents can completely immerse themselves in the material. We receive consistent feedback that grouping the lectures by subject reinforces exponential learning in the flow of one topic to another. Click here for a sample course schedule and to see the list of topics covered.

Why don't you also step away and come to our course for free?  This is a great opportunity to bond with your residents in a unique way, as you sit in the lectures right beside them. Our lecture topics are strategically selected based solely on their high probability of occurring on the written exam. We won't waste precious time with topics that are not posted as exam topics, nor will we bore your residents with faculties' research interests. When they leave, there will be no question as to what they need to studyRegardless of whether they have performed well or struggled with their CREOGs, we can unlock their potential.

Did anyone ever teach you how to take an exam? Did anyone teach your residents how to take an exam?  In fact, we'll teach both of you with our evidence-based Test Taking Skills Course Online. The current focus is on practicing evidence-based medicine. What about evidence-based exam-taking?

  • 5-Day Course provides 90% of test topics. We provide high-yield lectures and small group discussions to practice with written questions
  • Exam-focused and stream-lined review
  • WOW Faculty bringing you the latest ACOG and SOGC standards
  • Test Taking Skills Course Online
  • Personalized Mentoring 

Our review course will give your residents the content, plus the skinny on the exam focus. Applying our methodology to the content ensures your residents will be well-prepared not only to pass the Written Board Exam but to set a trajectory for success throughout their medical career.

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Course Objectives

“What are you grumbling about?  PGY1 –161, PGY2-187, PGY3 –199,  PGY4- 209 Girl, you’ve improved every year!  If you keep up your plan then you’ll be a solid pass for your written boards! Now get off your woe is me box and get crackin’”   Dr. Das

"Thank you so much. We will keep in touch and for next year our incoming chief residents already scheduled their board review with your 2017 April course. Thanks again for your support and kindness." EH, Residency Director

"The other chief resident and I are recommending this course to our junior residents for preparation for the written osteopathic boards. The only issue is that we have a limited budget for our medical education conferences. Regardless of this, we both felt that it was WELL worth every penny. There are cheaper, more local courses, but our senior residents felt that they were a waste of time. I intend to come back before my oral boards in two years." -- RC

"I wish I would have had these Urogynecology lectures in residency - would have made my life easier -- especially my 4th year" 

‘Hi Stephanie,  Just wanted to let you know... I passed. Thank you all for all your help in making this a fruitful journey. The course made the review process manageable and definitely more focused.  Thanks again to Dr Das, the lecturers and all the Staff. You were Awesome!”  VE

"I was in the Operating Room last Friday doing minor GYN surgery and was chatting with our residents.  A few of them will be taking the written boards soon.  I recommended they look into taking your review course."


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