Comprehensive Case List Review provided by ABC faculty
  • Comprehensive Case List Review provided by ABC faculty
  • Dr. Krishna Das, ABC course director and case list reviewer

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Tiffany Martinez

Krishna Das

Zena Homan

Michelle Tucker

Kerry Griffin

Amanda Kallen

Catherine Schuller

Ajith Cherian

Although the ABOG Oral Exam has had a variety of components, defending your case list has been constant for decades. A well-constructed case list makes ALL the difference when you're defending it. Nothing takes the place of doing it right the first time.

  • The time it takes to review a case list is dependent upon the types and complexity of cases, not the number of themWe charge only for the time needed to review your list. Thus, if you have minimal corrections, you are only charged for the time spent on your case list
  • You receive a recorded review of every case on your case list
  • We are the only case list reviewers in the country who, after completing your review, talk with you directly to answer questions, clarify case particulars and point out review highlights
  • ABC's hourly rate is $225.00-275.00
  • A deposit of $350.00 is required, plus, when applicable, a late fee
  • Our rate for 180 cases averages between $562.00 and $675.00... Best price around!

    A CCLR prior to submission affords you the luxury to rework your case list and submit a sure fire pass product that you know you can defend. Send your case list back to us after August 1, so we can review every case for anticipated exam topics. Don't leave anything to chance: clear those landmines prior to submission and walk into your exam with confidence.

    Late Fees for Case List Reviews

    • For Case Lists being submitted Aug 1
      after July 18  late fees of $200 applied
      after July 25  late fees of $400 applied 
    • For Case Lists being submitted Aug 15 
      after August 1 late fees of $200 applied
      after August 8 late fees of $400 applied


    "I had my case list reviewed by a competing company last year. WHAT a difference compared to the way ABC reviewed my list. The ABC reviewer called ME to review highlights and clarify their and my questions. Last year, I got a dictation alright, rather a dictum, since there was no dialogue -- he talked so fast and I didn't understand a number of comments and suggestions. I realize only now that last year's review was like taking an H&P without the patient being able to answer questions. In retrospect, I feel the shoddy job contributed to my failure. This year I know exactly what I need to do. Perhaps more importantly, I don't feel stranded and taken advantage of; the reviewer welcomed me to call or e-mail back for further questions. I know your 'with you every step' motto is truly sincere." -- MP 

    "A friend recommended Dr.Das review my case list. I was expecting the digital recording of each case, but I was floored by the phone consult (of the review highlights). It's like she had all the time in the world to answer any of my questions. But it didn't end there. I even e-mailed her some of the changes in formatting for her review. It wasn't a simple e-mail response back, so she called me again. Actually she even talked with my husband, who was primarily inputting the data, to make sure he knew exactly what to do. Talk about going above and beyond!" -- EG

    "Unfortunately, I failed my oral exams. I had my case list reviewed prior to submission by an expert from another company. After I failed, I asked Dr. Das to look at my case list to see if she could help me figure out where I went wrong. Right away she beelined to the case that created such a problem for me. Her line of questioning was uncannily similar to the examiners. She pointed out it stemmed from the way the cases were worded. I shared with her that I completely agreed and my gut feeling beforehand was that it was wrong. Turns out, the so-called expert doesn't even operate anymore. I knew more than he did!"

    "Dr. Das, I truly believe my success was because of your help. Thank you for reviewing my case list, I felt submitting a solid case list made it so much easier to defend on test day. All the products and services you provide offered the keys to successful preparation. I took several mock exams and purchased the structured cases CDs. I also attended the structured case workshop as well. The information you provided covered I would say more than 90% of what I got asked on the exam. I knew I passed as soon as the test was over. This was such a stark contrast to the first time I took the test. Thank you so much. I really did feel that you and your staff were with me every step of the way as your slogan suggests. I will definitely recommend you to future test takers. Your course products truly simulate the exam content. I am so glad I found you. If you have anybody in the next test season that are taking it for the second time, I would be happy to share my test prep calendar and how I used your products to succeed the second time.” -- EB

    "Please help others avoid my same mistake. Don't ignore your hunches. Get several opinions. Don't be victimized by claims of expertise. Make sure your reviewer actively practices medicine. Book knowledge is no substitute for surgical hands on, let alone making recommendations on how to construct/defend your case list."  --SC

    “Dr. Homan was wonderful, very professional and very helpful.”



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