Faculty - Diane Klivington, DO, MS, FACOG, FACOOG

Dr. Klivington graduated with a BS from Drexel University double majoring in Physiology and Nutrition. She was a bench researcher and obtained her MS in Molecular Biology. She realized she could make more of a difference with hands-on so obtained her DO from the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City. While in osteopathic school, she became a moderator for Student Doctor Forum, a passion that she continues still. She completed her OB/GYN residency at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Dr. Klivington is double boarded by ABOG and AOBOG! Thus she is in a rare and unique position to help you with either certifying exam. 


Drexel University 
Majored in Physiology and Nutrition

Medical School:
University of Health Sciences 

Sinai Hospital

Private practice

Quotes from our Students

"She did a fantastic job at the review course in September. Enjoyed her style – kept me awake and I’m not a morning person!”

"ABC, the Jolleys, and Drs. Das & Evans pulled me through some of the most challenging medical/academic times of my life. I look forward to returning to your course just to hear what's new and being practiced in the community." RD

“Dr Evan’s Oral Exam Webinar was just what I needed to jump start my studying for the ABOG oral exam. It made me appreciate how studying for an oral exam is very different than the written. I loved how she incorporated structured cases throughout the webinar so I got very familiar with this part of the exam, as well as getting my toes wet with mock oral exams”

“I think you should put a warning label on signing up for a mock oral exam with Dr. Evans. “Warning, do not attempt this at home.” She was so good, that the exam itself was surreal”

"Excellent speaker – focused, engaging, good judicious approach/integration of personal/professional experience in lectures!”