Faculty - Quinn Peeper, MD, FACOG

Dr Peeper was the valedictorian in high school, so not surprisingly graduated magna cum laude from Washington & Lee University. Dr. Peeper obtained a Master of Arts at the University of Oxford, England. He then went to medical school at Columbia University College and his OB/GYN residency at Cornell Medical Center. Dr. Peeper is a concert pianist, as well as a judge for Shakespearean competitions and debating. In spite of his theater experience, he admittedly was terrified of taking his oral exam. He therefore became a self proclaimed "review course junkie." He later easily passed his oral boards, but became impassioned about helping others overcome the same challenge. He has spent two decades in tutoring others for their oral exams. He knows review courses well and joined ABC's faculty because we share the same passion and compassion for making a difference.

Washington & Lee University
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Medical School:
Columbia University College

Cornell Medical Center

Private Practice

Quotes from our Students

"ABC set me up with a mentor, Dr. Quinn Peeper. He is “Professor Emeritus”  a true teacher, he breaks down difficult topics into simple, easy to remember REI, Urogyn, OB, Gyn. It was an incredible journey for somebody with multiple exam failures. It was a one-year preparation to get here. Dr. Peeper said no cramming " – AD 

"I wanted to express my deep gratitude to both you and Dr. Das for all that you did to help me pass my certifying exam. You were tough, kind and patient. You kept me calm and encouraged me to be confident when that was hard for me to do. You gave me the critical and necessary feedback I needed to improve. For this high stakes exam in which there is no feedback if you fail, that is priceless. I could not have done this without you. Thank you.” SN

"So what was the reason for my success this time? Dr. Das, Dr. Peeper, and Inderal! You all sincerely cared...and that meant the world to me. We'll rendezvous in 6 years for MOC!" – MD 

"This was my last chance to pass the oral exam before having to start the 6-year cycle over again. Obviously, I hadn't done so well in the past. The session in Dallas was truly do or die for me. Even though I was about ready to give up, Dr. Peeper refused to. He kept saying, 'You CAN do this. Let's go over it again...and again.' Well, I PASSED! I can't thank him enough. I have no doubt that session made all the difference." -- ST 

"I lead a forum for student doctors and have been keeping my readers posted on my personal experience with my oral boards preparation. Your mock oral examiners were hands down the best of any company. I took probably 20 mock orals (I know, a bit OCD), but your Dr. Peeper is the best mock examiner I have worked with. He mimicked the exam to a tee!" -- DE 

"I had taken the oral exam twice before and came to ABC to prepare for my third and last attempt. Your recommendations, mentoring, and review course helped me understand what I needed to do. I especially appreciated your referral to Dr. Peeper for intense mentoring. You all were so supportive and gave me the confidence to continue my arduous journey. The third time was the charm and I passed! You asked me what was the difference? -- well doing MOCK ORALS, knowing your case list well, and did I mention mock orals!! Well all this, and now at 40 years old and 9 years after completing my residency, I can finally say I am board certified. ABC, Dr. Peeper and Dr. Das were a part of this accomplishment and I will never be able to thank you enough!" - KS 

"I just want to thank you for recommending Dr Peeper to me to conduct mock oral sessions. I passed my oral boards and I have to say that thanks to Dr Peeper I felt confident and comfortable taking oral exams after practicing with him during our multiple sessions. He even helped me tremendously with my articulation since English is not my native tongue. Again, thank you. I will definitely be recommending your course and Dr Peeper to anyone I know who will be preparing for their boards." – AO