The cost of our Comprehensive Case List Review is $225.00 -$275.00 per hour.  For an average case list of approximately 180 cases it typically takes our faculty 2.5 – 3 hours to complete the review.  Of course this time may fluctuate depending on the type of cases that you have.

This is the way our Case List Review works: 

  • First, you will need to send your case list via email to or fax to (828) 698-5303
  • We will need to collect a deposit of $350.00 to begin the review which you may do by phone at 877-222-6249 or online at
  • Next, you may choose a specific ABC faculty or simply request the next available
  • The faculty will call you in advance to schedule an appointment for your phone consultation
  • Then the faculty will go through your entire case list, case by case, and create a recorded review
  • After the review is complete, they will call you at the previously scheduled time and spend ½ hour to 45 minutes with you on the phone to discuss highlights, clarify a particular case or answer your questions
  • Once this is complete our faculty will send Stephanie your audio files and the total amount of time spent on your review.
  • Stephanie will email you an invoice showing the final balance due and request payment information
  • Once the balance is processed Stephanie will email you a receipt and the audio files from your review
  • You will then be ready to make revisions and perfect your case list!




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