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Thesis Review for ABOG Subspecialists

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Available to MFM, FPMRS and REI Subspecialists
Your thesis defense is an integral part of your examination.  We will review your manuscript and provide feedback as to how you can best prepare yourself for the discussion. We can also provide guidance on the general approach to questions related to your study design and ways to discuss your study outcomes.


  • We charge only for the time needed to review your manuscript
  • You receive a recording of the review
  • We are the only reviewers in the country who, after completing your review, talk with you directly to answer questions and point out review highlights
  • ABC's hourly rate is $450.00
  • A deposit of $350.00 is required, plus, when applicable, a late fee
  • As your exam date approaches, our faculty is also available to review your submitted thesis, give you a mock oral and/or help you defend it
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