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Oral Exam Webinar for ABOG MFM Certifying Exam

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This webinar is the first in the country designed specifically to help you prepare for and pass your MFM certifying or oral board exam.  A minimum of four structured case scenarios will be reviewed with candidates answering through a mock oral exam experience. The topics chosen reflect high-yield clinical themes taken directly from the ABOG/ACGME learning objectives.  A total of sixteen twice-weekly 1-hr sessions (topics not repeated) will be presented,

The webinar begins in January 2024 (Monday and Wednesday evenings). In less than three months, we will cover the following topics: 

  • Design a Study Workshop: Tips and Strategies
  • Cerclage and Cervical Length
  • How to Read a Pedigree
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Sepsis and Septic Shock
  • Alloimmunization
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Cell-free DNA screening and Microarray
  • Expansion Repeat Conditions
  • Fetal Growth Restriction
  • Non-obstetric surgery in Pregnancy
  • Respiratory Failure

Attend live for one or all 16 sessions, or learn on your own time.  You will receive access to each session recording within 24 hours of its completion.  

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Stephanie Martin

Melissa Russo

Alexandria Hill

Spencer Kuper


"This review course hit all of the necessary items to perform well. This is a must for any MFM - it may seem like material you know, but they present factual, up to date information, and most importantly - in a way that conveys to the examiner that you know what you are talking about. Well thought out. The weekly webinars were fantastic. Thanks for getting me the desired FACOG!" - KG

“I found out that I passed yesterday and wanted to thank you very much for your structured course. It was incredibly helpful to keep me focused and structured over the 2 years of studying! The archived webinars and lectures made studying very convenient (commute, during lunch, at the park with the kids.... ) Thank you very much!” - RS

"Excellent fund of knowledge and makes complicated clinical scenarios straight forward” – KS

“She is very thorough and breaks down explanation to a understandable level .  Thank you” - DV-K

“Excellent breadth of information, great coaching on how to fine-tune or perfect board answers on difficult topics.” - HD

“The webinar series was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone studying for the MFM oral board exam. Thank you again!!! – BM“The webinar series was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone studying for the MFM oral board exam. Thank you again!!! "– BM

“The webinar is very comprehensive and includes a complete syllabus of slides. The instructors are pleasant, very approachable and really want the participants to do well on their boards. Highly recommend this to every person who is sitting for the oral boards. Allows everyone the opportunity to practice board like exam questions and scenarios.” – RR