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MFM Review Course Recordings for ABOG or AOBOG Subspecialty Certifying Exam

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ABCs MFM Review Course Recordings are now available to those who missed the November 10-12 course.  MFM Course Director, Dr. Stephanie Martin addresses those high-yield weaknesses common to all. Over 20 hours of recordings contain MFM topics such as critical care, maternal medical complications, genetics, and ultrasound utilizing a structured case format similar to your oral board exam, but facilitated by the faculty. Other topics include case List preparation, board exam tips, designing a study workshop, and statistics.
  • Online recordings available upon purchase until April 19, 2024
  • Includes a printed binder (shipped USPS priority mail)
  • Over 20 hrs of unedited MFM recordings
  • Optional - closed captions feature 


    Stephanie Martin

    Melissa Russo

    Alexandria Hill


    Dr. Martin, Thank you for a really great course.  The course will be invaluable while studying for the exam.  I also really appreciated the time and effort you put into your presentations.  They served as good examples for me of an experienced lecturer.  It’s always exciting to see a passionate MFM who can command the interest of a room like you do.   Thanks for sharing your knowledge!” KA - 2017

    “Great review. Practice cases are very helpful. Speakers awesome. Also great contacts to study with later.” KF

    “Excellent preparation focusing on appropriate responses to difficult questions.” LG

    "Loved the timing of the course in the fall rather than spring. The case list review and construction was very helpful. The breakout sessions on the cases were great. I highly recommended this course."  DBN

    “Talking out cases with the facilitators and fellow participants was exceptionally helpful.” AB

    “Great and concise review for the high yield topics. Also, great stimulus to study the topic that was not covered well during training. Thank you a lot for putting this together.” SB

    “Great course with every in the same boat looking to pass. Faculty leadership is excellent!” AS

    “Great course and excellent speakers. MFM’s taking course were also extremely helpful & provided additional Food for Thought.” AN

    “A course for the MFM wanting to study and prepare efficiently for their MFM oral exam.” KS

    “This was an amazing course. Teachers are great! High-yield cases presented. Thank you.” JE

    “Fabulous course – highly recommend! Speakers are energetic and enthusiastic!” “I liked best the Small group/class size, interactive sessions, & case discussions.” AF

    “The timing of the course was awesome. I loved the structured cases and the point breakdown of the answers."  TT