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MFM Interactive Board Review Course for ABOG or AOBOG Subspecialty Oral Exam

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ABCs MFM Course Director, Dr. Stephanie Martin has created an innovative and integrated program to address those high yield weaknesses common to all. We cannot repeat a 3-year fellowship in 3 days, but we will help you master the topics that are key to success on the oral exam. Each day we will tackle MFM topics such as critical care, maternal medical complications, genetics and ultrasound utilizing a structured case format similar to your oral board exam, but facilitated by the faculty. We will also cover Case List preparation, board exam tips, designing a study workshop and statistics. The format is carefully designed for the seasoned adult learner preparing for an oral exam and promises to be focused, productive, non-adversarial and fun.
  • 3-day virtual review course via Zoom - November 8-10, 2024
  • Condensed, focused, targeted lectures - reinforcing but not repeating foundation/basics from fellowship
  • Focus on high-yield topics
  • Interactive, facilitated discussion of structured cases
  • Peer-to-peer and mentor-to-student active and engaged learning 
  • Up to 19 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™ available
  • Click here to view snapshot of the MFM schedule
  • Purchase with 2025 Oral Exam Webinar and save 10% ($200) on the webinar
  • Note:  We encourage early registration so your materials are prepared in a timely manner.  An administrative fee of $150 will be added to your registration after October 27th

ABC offers a 10% discount ($225 savings) to qualifying registrants purchasing this 3-day interactive board course priced at $2,250

  • Resident or Fellow in training
  • Military (either active duty or reserve component)
  • Foreign Missionary
  • Previous attendee (to one of our review courses)
  • Sign up with a friend (to receive the friend discount both course registrations must be received within 48 hrs). Does not apply to MFM webinar

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Stephanie Martin

Melissa Russo

Alexandria Hill

Spencer Kuper


Before using ABCs material I did the a different company’s course and was not impressed with how generic the course was. ABC was very efficient and targeted to passing/preparing for this oral exam. I am very glad I found this course material and have recommended it to all of our fellows.” -  RR

“Dr. Martin, Thank you for a really great course.  The course will be invaluable while studying for the exam.  I also really appreciated the time and effort you put into your presentations.  They served as good examples for me of an experienced lecturer.  It’s always exciting to see a passionate MFM who can command the interest of a room like you do. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!” - KA 

"This review course hit all of the necessary items to perform well. This is a must for any MFM - it may seem like material you know, but they present factual, up to date information, and most importantly - in a way that conveys to the examiner that you know what you are talking about. Well thought out." - KG

"Dr. Martin somehow finds ways to simplify and easily verbalize very complex topics, as well as  helping formulate good answers to examiners' potential questions.” – HD

“Great review. Practice cases are very helpful. Speakers awesome. Also great contacts to study with later.” - KF

“Excellent preparation focusing on appropriate responses to difficult questions.” - LG

"The topics are well selected! Diverse but still focused on the most important things that are tested on the exam. Quite long today but understandably so.” – CN  

"Loved the timing of the course in the fall rather than spring. The case list review and construction was very helpful. The breakout sessions on the cases were great. I highly recommended this course."  - DBN

“Great and concise review for the high yield topics. Also, great stimulus to study the topic that was not covered well during training. Thank you a lot for putting this together.” - SB

"Dr. Hill has an “excellent breadth of information, great coaching on how to fine-tune or perfect board answers on difficult topics.” - HD

“Great course with every in the same boat looking to pass. Faculty leadership is excellent!” - AS

“A course for the MFM wanting to study and prepare efficiently for their MFM oral exam.” - KS

“Fabulous course – highly recommend! Speakers are energetic and enthusiastic!” “I liked best the Small group/class size, interactive sessions, & case discussions.” - AF

"Excellent, thorough and specific, yet simple and easy to follow explanations regarding exam strategies, thought organization, case list tips, disease pathophysiology, treatment discussions, etc. LOVE the example cases built into the lectures.” – HD

“The timing of the course was awesome. I loved the structured cases and the point breakdown of the answers."  - TT 

“The review course is a great review of all of the important MFM topics and allows the participant to understand and practice what to expect on the exam. I would suggest the review course to everyone. The instructors are all so helpful and want you to do the very best on your test.” – RR