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Written Exam Online Learning Review Course for Residencies

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ABC has the best OB/GYN Board Preparation Online Review Course on the market. Our course has all the benefits of online learning while including many of the most popular attributes of our live review course. This course offers both the convenience and the cost savings of studying from home, with the added features of guidance, accountability, study strategy and personal tips and advice from our ABC Founder, Dr. Krishna Das.

Online Review Features:

  • Strategy videos help you design a study plan ranging in length from 1 week to 10 weeks. These guidelines hold you accountable - whether you have months or days to prepare for the written exam
  • The orientation video explains how to optimally navigate this learning pathway to ultimately pass your written exam
  • Pre-lecture questions are designed to assess your depth of knowledge before lectures to enhance the efficiency of your review
  • Post-lecture quizzes are designed to assess your comprehension and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Quiz questions include an explanation of each answer, as well as references. Several also include a video of Dr. Das demonstrating the evidence-based CQRPE written question methodology
  • Over 400 written questions available throughout the course
  • You’ll benefit from an opportunity to ask questions of each faculty and receive personal answers
  • For those who wish to delve deeper into topics with their peers, networking with your colleagues will be available via a discussion forum
  • Also available are supplemental videos on written exam tips, test-taking methodology, study strategy, adult learners and more
  • Contact our office for discounts and gain access to course us at
  • ABC can provide residencies with feedback and accountability on each of their resident's progress (e.g. usage of content and scoring on questions) in our LMS system
  • Course binder (not does include S&H)
  • All content is available for 1 year