Test Topics Manual for Canadian Royal College Exam Candidates
  • Test Topics Manual for Canadian Royal College Exam Candidates

The ABC syllabus is based exclusively on the topics that are most likely to occur on your exam. Each lecture is accompanied by a manual that itemizes the exam focus to help you hone in on each topics highlights. Additionally, the Test Topics Manual has a list of the most up-to-date accompanying ACOG Compendium references pertinent to each topic. 

  • Guide to assure your review is streamlined and exam focused
  • Consolidate the 1200 pages of lecture handouts to 120 pages
  • Checklist for case list and structured cases topics
  • Additional chapter on exam topics often ignored, but unique to written exam takers
  • The Test Topics Manual is complimentary to all review course attendees

This manual not only reinforces our exam focus of the lecture, but is invaluable as a study aid to recapture the highlights for later review. The Test Topics Manual is available for purchase to organize your studying, facilitate your case list construction/defense, or get a jump-start prior to the course.


“I see why you have the pages in yellow, as they are worth their weight in gold."

“I love that the yellow notes have specific ACOG compendium bulletins listed for each topic to direct & focus study of the compendium.”



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