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FPMRS Structured Cases for ABOG Certifying Exam

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ABC's FPMRS Structured Cases have been widely acclaimed as essentially simulating the structured case portion of the FPMRS ABOG certifying exam. These cases will be exceptionally valuable for you as you become familiar with, and ultimately perfect this mode of the exam, as well as to assess your knowledge of a specific topic. 

  • Simulate your structured cases exam and identify areas to focus on
  • Each case contains 4-6 follow up questions in PowerPoint, just like the ABOG certifying and AOBOG oral exam
  • Additionally, you’ll receive the examiner's answer sheet, which includes questions and point value for pass/marginal/fail
  • Ideal practice for articulating out loud
  • Access online 
  • 1-yr subscription
  • Free app - download the Litmos Mobile app so you can access the cases anytime and anywhere. 
  • Purchase at any time and delay your subscription until you are ready


Amos Adelowo