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Structured Cases for Canadian Royal College OSCE Oral Exam

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  • Simulate your structured cases exam and identify areas to focus on
  • Handpicked subjects by Dr. Krishna Das include Obstetrics, Oncology, Office, Perioperative Complications, REI, Gynecology, Safety, and Urogynecology and  U/S
  • Each set has 45-85 cases with 4-6 follow-up questions in PowerPoint, Additionally, you’ll receive the examiner's answer sheet, which includes questions and point value for pass/marginal/fail. They are ideal for both self and partner study and practice. Take the unknown out of the exam. With just a few sessions, master this mode of the exam. Heck, it will be as easy as reciting your ABCs!

    OSCE Structured Cases


    “For structured cases I was so over-prepared the test seemed easy compared to the ABC practice structured cases. Lol!"

    I passed my board exam! I really truly think that your board prep course provided me incredible support to get through this exam. I could clearly see how your course helped me fill my knowledge gaps (especially Gyn and Urogyn) and helped me in getting ready for all the emergency care prep needed for the board exam and for daily practice as well. And Dallas mock did pumped me up and had me ready the next day! And last but not least, your structured cases are AWESOME!   AS

    "Love the Structured Cases...Practice, practice, practice! What a great confidence builder!"

    "Your set of 65 Structured Cases were on target and helped very much.  I sailed through this portion of the exam."

    "I should have seen it coming. You claimed that your Structured Cases were so easy, that even non-medical friends/family could be examiners. So when my mom was visiting, I let her quiz me. Your claim is accurate; however, she even made a copy of the answer sheets, so that later every time we talked on the phone, she offered to quiz me. I can't wait for the exam, because I'll take any examiner over my mom. You need to add a disclaimer: "be careful what you wish for..." -- SS