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We know you want your residents to perform optimally on their CREOG exams and pass their Written Board Exam. Therefore, ABC provides 43 hours of exam-focused lectures, covering 90% of written exam topics, in just 5 days - that's almost 8 more hours of lecture than any other 5 day course. Plus, ABC is fully accredited to provide PRA AMA Category I CME Credit which, as you know, is a measure of quality.

CREOG scores can predict board exam performance. Studies presented at CREOG and APGO meetings suggest scores less than 200 are associated with a higher risk of failure on the written board exam. Thus, ABC course director, Dr. Krishna Das, recommends that any resident with a score of less than 200 attend a review course.  

Why choose ABC?

ABC covers 90% of written exam topics in only five days of intense immersion at our live review course, or our course recordings are designed for the motivated self-learner.  

  • ABC practices evidence-based teaching by catering to the Adult Learner.
  • ABC collaborates with Jolley Test Prep, Inc. to provide evidence-based and peer-reviewed test taking skills. Most residents who have utilized this methodology improve CREOG scores by a standard deviation, which is 20 points.
  • ABC offers extensive sources of Written Questions - Written Questions Manuals, Test Question Banks, Practice Exam and more.
  • Dr. Das will, at no additional fee, meet with each of your residents at the course to develop a custom strategy and study plan. They are then invited to continue communication with Dr. Das, right up to their exam, for updates on their progress.
  • Discounts are available for Residency Programs. Contact Stephanie Orr, Residency Liaison, at for more information.
  • Residency Directors are invited to attend our course for free. We would love for you to come check us out!

    "Thanks so much for allowing me to participate in your review course.  I was very impressed with how comprehensive, well organized, and to the point your lecturers were.   Bottom line, anyone who takes this course seriously WILL pass their exam."

    "My Department Chairman and Residency Director are both very receptive to all of the ideas that you gave me. " -- BG, Texas Tech University




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