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Private Mentoring for ABOG URPS Certifying Exam

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Feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you're just a number blending in with the crowd at exam prep seminars or a faceless voice at a webinar? ABC is committed to helping you pass your boards. We will arrange for you to have a private session with an ABC faculty member.

  • Your mentor will conduct a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, then 
  • Customize and implement a plan that is individualized to meet your needs.

Not only will this show you what to focus on and eliminate the worry of WHAT to study, but will instill confidence and peace. Although no CME credits are awarded, you can self-claim Category II credits, as you will receive a certificate for each session.

Initially, a candidate must commit to 5 one hour sessions = $2,500

If you are interested in obtaining a mentor, please contact our office at 1-877-222-6249.  


      Amos Adelowo
      MD, MPH, FACOG

      Miki Takase-Sanchez
      MD, FACOG

      Janelle Evans
      MD, MS, FACOG