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Mock Oral for AOBOG Exam - 1/2 Hour Private Session

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The AOBOG oral exam requires practice. Most will need at least three mock oral exams as they scale that exponential learning curve to reach a comfort level of readiness for their test.

  • A private mock oral exam is conducted by the ABC faculty of your choice
  • One-on-one, half hour private session that occurs during the ABC course or via telephone
  • Mock exam can be recorded for later review

The most common test format throughout medical school and residency is overwhelmingly written. Years of experience with the written format make taking the written exam straightforward and predictable. Preparing for and taking an oral exam, however, is quite different. Experimentation with the oral exam format should not be reserved for your first encounter with the oral boards. DO NOT take this exam cold!

ALL of the ABC mock oral examiners are Osteopathic Practitioners. Just because you are obviously practicing OB/GYN doesn't mean other courses' faculty are...and unfortunately many are not!

The only way to really understand if a candidate is knowledgeable is if the examiner is actually managing the very issues that he is examining you on. We encourage you to seek out mock oral exams at home--with your colleagues, retired partners, specialists that you refer to, etc. They won't charge you a dime. Quantity is good. However, remember their only experience with an exam was their own! At some point you'll realize. . . Don't try this at home. You need an examiner experienced in testing and one who knows the latest exam trends. Don't risk getting false reassurance from an amateur or non-practitioner.

Note:  If you fail to schedule your mock oral(s) before your exam, no refund will be issued.



Niamh Condon

Stephanie Persondek

Bobbie Daniels-Orellana

Jason Wheatley

Leigh Christie

Kristy Crawford


"Praise the Lord for helping me find you and your staff. What a blessing you all have been. Just got my score back for the D.O. orals and I passed with 100%! Never had that happen for a standardized test. Used your 40 Structured Cases recommended for the A.O.B.O.G boards, and I played the Structured Cases webinar with Core topics over and over again - held by Dr. Evans. But what helped relax the nerves was Dr. Noroozhani's afternoon oral exam workshop and your Mock Oral on urogynecology. It helped me focus on the answers expected by the examiner. The Pearl's of Exxcellence also was a great way to get more case questions covered and help with everyday management of patients. The oral exam book also help me to go deeper into subjects I felt weak on. Thanks so much for the Wise tips.  You may use my recommendation anytime."  - NA

"I had the opportunity to do a telephone mock oral with Dr. Persondek. She had the experience of taking the osteopathic oral boards so after my mock, she took some time out to go over the format of the boards which was extremely helpful and helped relieve some anxiety about the whole process. She also took extra time out to go over my practice cases and gave me pointers on how to improve my answering style (to stick to the point and to avoid getting into trouble by giving roundabout answers.”  JS

"I wanted to let you know that I passed my oral boards and am grateful to you and  all of the staff at America’s ob/gyn board review. Each one of yours’ compassion and dedication to my success was appreciated and unexpected. Thank you for truly taking an interest in me and making this incredibly stressful journey better!! The course and mock orals truly were the difference in my success. I walked into the exam confident and ready. I’m forever grateful to all of you for the help in achieving my dream!!!!! God bless you all."  GR