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How to Do What You Don’t Do Manual for the ABOG and AOBOG Oral Exam

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The certifying or oral exam is non-discriminating. Basically, you have to know everything about everything. This is a daunting task if you are a specialist or a generalist with a limited practice.  Although textbooks and lectures can refresh you on the theory, they are short on practicality. This manual fills in both the knowledge gap but especially the essential steps on procedures and the counseling that would be expected on your certifying exam. This How-To guide is divided into three sections - Office, Obstetrics, and Gynecology - for both office and hospital-based procedures.

Each procedure is listed with the indications, risks, alternatives, techniques and post-procedure information.  There may be certain aspects derived from your clinical practice and experience that differ from the provided information, and these can be incorporated into the guide.

Each includes a "how to" and then counseling such as

  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Risks/(Benefits/Alternatives)
  • Technique
  • Complications, and
  • Follow-up

This is a MUST have guide for HOW to do, what you NO LONGER do!


Michelle Tucker