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How Does ABC Compare with Other Review Courses?

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We acknowledge that residents' resources and programs' funding are not endless. At ABC there are no hidden costs. When you come to our review course we include the following:

  • Personalized 1400+ page course binder containing the faculty’s handouts
  • Discounted room rates for our registrants
  • No additional cost for sharing rooms
  • Breakfast served every morning
  • Lunch each day
  • Beverage service served all day every day
  • Category I CME - We know residents don't need CME but we invest in our accreditation as a measure of quality. 

Note the price per credit hour in the chart above is based only on full-price registrations for ABC. Residents always get at least a 10% discount. See how the price per credit hour compares when discounts are applied:

  • Full Price:                                $1700              $37.21
  • Resident discount 10%:         $1530              $33.49
  • Resident+Friend discount:    $1453.50         $30.14

“Let me start by letting you know how much I enjoyed and learned at your April review course for preparing for my oral exam. I attended a different review course for my written boards, I passed, but your course far exceeded the one I attended!” EB

"I passed my written exam on the third try. This is my first time to take my orals. I wanted to prepare well so I could get it done right the first time. I did not prepare well for the written and that is my fault as I did not do my research properly. I want a well-rounded course that prepares me thoroughly and make the process easier. This time I did do my research. The fact that you e-mailed me before the course to ask how you can meet my needs proves the point...Never has any other course asked what I wanted. Thank You." -- BN 

"I just wanted to send you all a sincere thank you. The professionalism, personalized attention and structured board review course surpassed all expectations. I have been referring ABC to my colleagues for the best board review course option.' TS

"Finally an allopathic course that understands our osteopathic exam needs!" -- J

Have other review companies asked you to send your study schedule?

So what are my plans for this last week before my exam?

  • Monday
    • Practice test in the morning
    • Work on the latter half of ABC written questions
  • Tuesday
    • Finish latter half of ABC written questions
    • PROLOG on Obstetrics
  • Wednesday –
    • Visit Pearson Testing Center in Morning
    • Pack up our moving truck.
  • Thursday
    • Finish  packing our truck
    • Morning massage
    • Work my last shift as a resident starting at 7pm
    • PROLOG on GYN that evening
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    • PROLOG on Office
    • Review Stats/Epidemiology
    • Maybe go to a movie or out on a date...we'll see
  • Sunday
    • Rest
    • Pack for Monday
      • Appointment Certification Letter
      • Drivers License and Credit card and Employ ID card
      • Pack the practice questions to go over in testing center waiting area
      • Have all my Yellow pages Test Topic Manual available
      • Aleve
    • Monday
      • Wake up at 5 to 5:30
      • Go for a 30-45 minute run at Simpson lake
      • Chocolate, Peanut butter banana protein shake for breakfast
      • Do 20 practice questions at home
      • Limit my fluids, NO caffeine
      • Wear a new shirt (tradition)
      • Arrive at Testing Center at 7:30AM
      • Rock the test!!

"Thank you so much for everything! This is going to be great!"  MA