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Diving for Pearls for AOBOG Oral Exam

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The Pearls of Exxcellence is a compilation of topics determined by ABOG to be the most challenging and often missed questions on the oral board exam.
"But I'm taking my AOBOG oral exam, so how does this apply to me?" Because there is an obvious overlap of core topics. This is a rare opportunity to gain a unique insight not just into exam topics, but also into ABOG's brief review of the topics and expected answers. This is ABOG's only public stance on the exam ... which is more than AOBOG, who reveals zip.
Our Diving for Pearls is organized by month & year and is also organized by exam topic. Not only do we list these topics, but we categorize these gems by subject. It's fascinating to note the same old topics that repeatedly stump candidates. You get one (peg) leg up for the AOBOG Structured Cases section of your exam. When you crack open this oral exam treasure chest, you'll gleefully exclaim "Arrrgh".


This resource is a topics guide to the full content that can be accessed on the SASGOG Pearls of Exxcellence website.


"“I thought the Pearls manual and your course notebook were very helpful. The mock orals were also wonderful and really helped me identify what to review ahead of time.” KI