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Course Recordings for Canadian Royal College Exam

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If you can't come to our course, are trying to get a jump start before the course or want to reinforce what you learned at the course, our Course Recordings are the best solution to help you pass your exams. When you purchase the Course Recordings you will automatically receive the Course Binder with the accompanying lecture handouts to follow along and take notes. Also included is a free copy of the Test Topics Manual to assure your studying is exam-focused.

  • Over 42 hours of high-yield, exam-focused recordings including OB, ONC, Urogyn, Primary Care, Periop, OFC GYN and REI topics
  • Test Topics Manual (an ABC syllabus that is based exclusively on the topics that are most likely to occur on your exam)
  • Corresponding Course Binder
  • 1 yr subscription to our audiovisual recordings using ABC's LMS system, Litmos.*  Free mobile app makes it even easier to access course content
  • Self-claiming Category II credit hours are available
  • View topics

We have selected speakers that best represent your examiner's perspective. Subspecialty topics are delivered by our MFM, Gyn Oncology, and REI subspecialists, Office Gyn topics by our generalists, and family planning and primary care by our internist. Like your examiners, our speakers are a mix of academicians and private practitioners. Every speaker is a clinician, who walks the talk. Please contact our office for shipping rates

*ABC will not allow any account sharing and closely watches this type of activity on every course recording purchase. Any accounts with simultaneous logins or suspicious activity will be immediately terminated without refund. 


"The course topics were spot on with my exam."

"Your audio lectures were a great tool and was the 'music' I listened to on my way to/from the hospital. I have to share a funny story about them: they have a dangerous side too. One early morning I was driving home after a long night at the hospital and of course I was listening to one of your lectures, the one about the ureteral and bladder injuries. You said we have to know and memorize the course of the ureter and I found myself listening to your commands: 'I want you to close your eyes and imagine the ureter traveling...', and I was driving, and I closed my eyes; fortunately the gravel on the side of the road startled me out of my trance. That was a close call, but guess what they asked me on my exam? Yep, the course of the ureter...that one I couldn't suppress a laugh as I answered." -- VD

“I loved your DVD set and killed the written exam!" - SL