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Case List Review or Case List Mock Oral for ABOG REI Certifying Exam

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Prior to submission:

Case List Review - $1,200
A succinct and well thought out case list will ensure a good first impression.  Our case list reviews are a comprehensive review of each of your case lists prior to submitting to ABOG.  ABC faculty will assess your lists for content, formatting, and readability.  You will receive a voice recording of the faculty’s comments and suggested revisions.  If your case list is exceptionally complex and the review is going to exceed the 3 hrs of time allotted then faculty will notify ABC staff before proceeding further.  Staff will contact the candidate for approval of additional time and cost at $400 hr.

Late Fees for Case List Reviews

  • February 1st Case List submission:
    after January 18th, a late fee of $200 applied

After submission: 

45-Minute Case List Mock Oral - $350
Being able to elegantly discuss your cases can be challenging no matter how much studying you have done. This is your chance to practice verbalizing your knowledge.  Our experienced mock oral examiners will simulate your actual oral exam by asking questions based on your own case lists and provide valuable feedback on performance. The 45 minute mock oral is only conducted on one of your case lists.

Deadline for mock orals: Candidates need to purchase and send case list by Friday, March 15th.


Nicole Kummer

Tara Budinetz

Lauren Weissmann

Jessica Rubin

Michael J. Heard


“The ABC Webinar and Mock orals were great. The questions they ask are similar to the real day, and it gets you comfortable with the pressure of answering questions on the spot. I would not have passed without their help!” – AG