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ABOG Case List Construction Online

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ABC's Case List Construction Course Online is a combination of instruction coupled with immediate implementation through practical exercises. We start by creating a rough draft of a case list and end with a polished product. After completing this course you will have a system that you can immediately use to artfully and strategically compose your ABOG case list and submit a sure-fire pass product.  This course includes:

  • User's Guide by Dr. Das
  • Summary Sheets
  • Construction and practical exercises for Off, OB, GYN
  • Formatting Your ABOG Case List
  • Studying from your ABOG Case List
  • Lessons Learned

This course has just been updated (2024) and includes over 7 hrs of video recordings. A printed manual is included with lecture notes and blank templates.


"Thank you so much, Dr. Das. I see the incredible merits of this philosophy for case list construction and using it as a “legal cheat sheet” as well as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge before you even walk into the room. Grateful to have time to make this shift and correction to my lists. Will be working on improvements right away.” - SHB