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We can help your residents improve their CREOG scores. Many PGY2's, 3's and 4's attend our 5 Day Review Course in the fall for CREOG preparation. By attending our Test Taking Skills Online Course, they can master the methodology in just two months and improve their CREOG scores by as much as a standard deviation. This course is imperative for those who have scored marginally on CREOG's. 

Your residents' CREOG scores are instrumental in predicting their performance on their board exam. Understanding and interpreting the CREOG report can be pivotal in helping your residents focus on their areas of strengths and weaknesses. View Dr. Das' video on interpreting CREOG scores.

ABC  and Dr. Adelowo, ABC's course director exhibit annually at the CREOG and APGO Meeting to remain up to date on the latest educational issues as you are. Our goal is to provide excellence in education for your residents. 


“I went to a prestigious residency where we typically don’t ‘have’ to use a review course. However, I was gunning for a fellowship and I needed to improve my CREOG scores. I have to tell you that I ‘killed it’! Yeah, our residency theoretically gave us everything, but ABC just packaged it up all so sweetly.”  JE

"I wanted to let you know that I just received my CREOG score and I improved greatly from last year! 1.5 standard deviation! Thank you!" KS 

"My score went up significantly!  I feel that the preparation at the ABC Board Review really helped and the Test Taking Strategy was a big key to improvement!  We had also purchased the question sourcebooks that organized topics by subject.  I feel so much better prepared for Boards now!  Thank you so much!" SD

"The lectures were far better than most of my combined years of residency. I think if I had attended ABC as a resident, the CREOGs (in-service training exam) and written boards would have been much easier"