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ABOG REI Thesis Review and Defense

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Due to changes to the ABOG certifying exam format, thesis reviews by ABC faculty will not be offered for the 2023-2024 exam cycle.

Prior to submission:

Thesis Review - $450 per hour
Preparing your thesis for submission to ABOG can be challenging! Let our faculty help.  We will closely read through your thesis and evaluate format, study design, conclusions, and readability.  You will receive a voice recording of the faculty’s comments and suggested revisions.    If your thesis is more complex and the review is going to exceed 2 hrs of time then faculty will notify ABC staff before proceeding further.  Staff will contact the candidate for approval of additional time and cost at $450 hr.  A $450 deposit is collected to start the process and balance to be paid upon completion of review.  

Late Fees for Thesis Reviews

  • September 30th Thesis submission:
      after September 16th, a late fee of $200 applied

After submission:  

1-hr Thesis Defense - $450 
So you submitted your thesis but are confused about how to study for this part of the exam. We will guide you through the most important aspects of a thesis defense.  After a thorough review of your thesis, ABC faculty will prepare you for some of the most commonly asked thesis-related questions and delve further into your specific study.  You will receive a voice recording of the faculty’s comments, suggestions on what topics you should be prepared to discuss in detail, and tips for expertly defending your thesis during your oral exam.

45-Minute Thesis Mock Oral - $450
After receiving and reviewing thesis defense suggestions, put your knowledge into practice. We will simulate a thesis oral exam by asking probing questions on each aspect of your thesis and provide valuable feedback afterward on performance and suggestions for improvement.  

Thesis Bundle (Thesis Defense + Thesis Mock Exam): $850


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