June 2022 Subspecialty News

FPMRS 2022 Qualifying Written Examination Candidates

June is here and your qualifying exam is around the corner (July 25, 2022). With your approval from the boards, by now you should have scheduled your examination with Pearson VUE to guarantee a spot on your examination day. As you are in the process of rounding up your fellowship responsibilities and planning graduation, do not forget the importance of this critical step in your subspecialty board certification. The examination will be a computer-based structure in the form of multiple-choice questions with single best answer.  Test your knowledge and understanding of topics as outlined in the published Guide to Learning in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.  You should have an in-depth familiarity with the topics in this document. Practice Questions………. Practice Questions…………… We have put together a great high yield question bank which you can access through the link to our Written Q-Bank for FPMRS. We have over 600 FPMRS written questions.

Some other examination day logistics to keep in mind –

  • Duration of Examination – 3 hours and 45 minutes (you are allowed to leave the examination if you finish earlier than the allotted time)

  • Two forms of Identification needed for admittance to the examination

  • Use of personal electronic devices are prohibited during the examination time

  • Candidates can take unscheduled breaks not exceeding 10 minute during the examination

  • Candidates who are lactating may request a 30 minute break and extension of their examination (provided they have already notified ABOG of their request for this provision by now (90 days before the exam))

FPMRS 2023 Certifying Oral Exam Candidates

Application is now open online for registration. The final day for the application for the 2023 Certifying examination is July 22, 2022. You will need to complete the required verification of hospital privileges form at the time of your application which you will need to email or faxed to the Board office. Candidates will receive an email confirmation once the application is approved by the ABOG.

You should be familiarizing yourself with the case list entry system at this time and start working on entering your cases. The earlier you start this process, the better. Enter cases as you go from now through the deadline. You can also start having sections of your case lists reviewed by colleagues and mentors.

We are ready to get you prepared for this examination…..Register now for our Virtual FPMRS Review Course on November 18-20. Each day we will tackle FPMRS topics such as Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), UTI, Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Disorder, Defecatory Dysfunction, Diagnostic Images in FPMRS, Statistical methods and Study design utilizing didactic lectures, interactive discussion sessions, and structured cases discussion format similar to your oral board exam, but facilitated by the faculty.

MFM 2023 Certifying Oral Exam Candidates

Can you believe that you’re less than a year away from taking the MFM oral exam? You’re entering the last leg of a marathon, and this part of the race sets the stage for everything that comes next. By now you should have applied and paid the fee for the exam but if you haven’t, don’t worry – you can still apply up until July 22, 2022. Make sure to set some extra money aside, there’s a second fee due in September.

The next big deadline coming up is for turning in your thesis. You should send your thesis around to your co-authors and mentors for feedback, or to anyone else you trust for advice on this topic. Our ABC faculty can also do a thesis review before you submit to be sure it is exam ready. Remember to check the ABOG Bulletin for the formatting requirements. One detail that can be hard to come by is the thesis affidavit, which is a document that your fellowship program director has to sign. Remember that summer is a popular vacation time, so ask early and you will be ready to go! The thesis deadline is September 30th.

We are ready to get you prepared for this examination…..Register now for our Virtual MFM Review Course on November 18-20. Each day we will tackle MFM topics such as critical care, maternal medical complications, genetics and ultrasound utilizing a structured case format similar to your oral board exam, but facilitated by the faculty.

REI 2023 ORAL Exam Candidates

By now you should have applied and paid the application fee for your exam. If you have not, the deadline to apply is July 22, 2022.

The next deadline coming your way is your thesis submission. This deadline is Sept. 30th. You should send your thesis to your co-authors and mentors for feedback.  ABC faculty comprised of epidemiologists and clinicians are available to review your thesis prior to submission. Remember to check the ABOG Bulletin for the formatting requirements prior to thesis submission. We recommend you attend our Virtual Review Course on December 2-4. This unique course will utilize didactic lectures, structured cases, mock orals, and tips from the experts on case list preparation all designed to keep you engaged and to mimic your actual exam.

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