February 2022 Subspecialty News

MFM 2022 ORAL Exam Candidates

It’s February! Take a deep breath – your list has been submitted. Excellent work! Now it’s time to really crack down and study. Do you have a study plan yet? Take the next two months to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and reinforce your strengths. Although your case list is a great source of topics to study from, and you should know the details about every diagnosis and treatment you have listed there, remember that there are several cases of the day that will be spanning all sorts of topics which may not show up on your list. Our structured cases (4 sets totaling 72 cases) run the gamut in MFM topics. In addition, our MFM Oral Exam Webinar starts January 31st and is perfectly timed for your April exam! Dr. Stephanie Martin kicks off the first session on Study Design and key stats you need to know.
Test Taking Technique:
This is an ORAL exam, so get used to talking out loud (our webinar will give you lots of practice).

FPMRS 2022 ORAL Exam Candidates

Congratulations on submitting your case list! If there is an issue at all, ABOG will be contacting you shortly. Don’t panic if more information or reformatting is needed. They will give you a few days to regroup without a late fee charged. 
Next - onto the bulk of your studying. The ABOG study guide gives a nice outline to start from, and if you haven’t yet, start organizing reading material into categories such as urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse, pain syndromes and sexual dysfunction.  Include reading lists from ACOG publications, up to date or doximity reviews, and textbooks.  Also, it is not too late to sign up for our Oral Exam Webinar which starts February 13th. All webinars are archived for our candidates so if you miss a few, catching up is simple. Each is an hour in length and sessions are case-based reviews of all the most important topics.  Being able to participate in live conversations gives a slightly more relaxed mock oral feel as well as the ability to watch and hear your colleague's approaches to cases to further develop more concise and professional answers.
Exam Tip:
Your exam will include structured cases. The lead-in question is brief – just a few words or no more than a sentence. About half are immediately followed by three questions:       
What is your differential diagnosis?
How would you work up the patient?
How would you manage her?
This portion of the exam reflects the Board’s attempt to standardize the exam. The cases are straightforward management down the algorithm pathway. Remember, everybody will be asked the same questions as you. So, work on developing a depth to your differential diagnoses; try to come up with at least three working diagnoses. The next question, “How would you work her up?” is dependent on how you answered the first.

REI 2022 ORAL Exam Candidates

Your case list has been submitted, congratulations! Now it's time to start studying. We strongly encourage creating a study plan. A well thought out study plan helps you avoid procrastination and breaks down the massive task of studying into smaller achievable goals. Sign up our 12 session Oral Exam Webinar, which starts Sunday, January 30th.  Each 1 hr. session will tackle high-yield topics in structured case format with candidates answering questions followed by faculty feedback. Each session is recorded and accessible for listening within 24 hours. You will also have access to the recordings until the week of your oral exam. 

Test Taking Tips: 
Do not expect to answer 100% of the questions correctly. Often times, the examiner will push you until you finally don’t know the answer. Don’t misinterpret this as failing the question. On the contrary, you probably passed it long before, but the examiner may simply want to explore the depth of your knowledge or reassure himself that you will acknowledge your limitations. The best way to prepare for an oral exam is with practice. Our REI Faculty is ready to conduct mock orals on either your case lists or thesis.
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