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For 2020 MFM Oral Exam Candidates

Take a deep breath - you’ve made it past the first big hurdle and got your thesis submitted. Congratulations!
Now it’s time to focus on finishing that case list and formulating a study plan. You should be almost done collecting cases for your list and working on filling in the details about neonatal outcomes and patient information. You are allowed to add new patients for two more months, so having as much of your list done as possible at this point will allow you to focus on collecting only those patients that you actually need to round out the requirements for each category.
Speaking of that study plan… We’ve done all the hard work for you with our MFM Interactive Board Review Course, which is being held November 22-24. Dr. Stephanie Martin has created an innovative and integrated program to address those high yield weaknesses common to all. We cannot repeat a 3-year fellowship in 3 days, but we will help you master the topics that are key to success on the oral exam. Each day we will tackle MFM topics such as critical care, maternal medical complications, genetics and ultrasound utilizing a structured case format similar to your oral board exam, but facilitated by the faculty. We will also cover Case List preparation, board exam tips, designing a study workshop and statistics. The format is carefully designed for the seasoned adult learner preparing for an oral exam and promises to be focused, productive, non-adversarial and fun.

Your goal should be to have a rough draft of the list done by early-to-mid December so you can circulate your list to your mentors and peers for editing before it’s too late to find a new patient in case one of yours turns out to be a poor choice.

For 2020 FPMRS Oral Exam Candidates

Now that your thesis has been submitted it is time to focus on your case list.  You have time to compile, but it is always a good idea to get your master list of surgical and non-surgical cases pulled. If you have a helpful administrative liaison in the finance department, they can run a report with patient names and the ICD 10 bb codes to give you a great organized start to compiling your list. Additionally, you can use that list of diagnoses to identify cases for your office categories very quickly. We’ve got a great way to start your oral exam prep!  Choose from our November 22-24 review course.  In just 3 days you will receive high-yield lectures, group discussion of problem cases and a focused review of stats and study design as it relates to your these.  Then, in February 2020 our FPMRS Oral Exam Webinar kicks off with faculty includes Amos Adelowo, Roger Lefevre, Janelle Evans, Erinn Myers, Nimmi Pillalamarri and Hema Brazell.  We guarantee to get through the key topics in the format of a structured case by the April test dates. 

Our FPMRS Oral Exam Webinar will have some great templates and tips for creating a list that is in line with ABOG standards, so no one has to experience the anxiety-provoking process of amending their list. 

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