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Join our Case List Workshop, May 19, 2024

Case List Workshop

Join us on May 19th, 2024, for our Virtual Case List Workshop with Dr. Krishna Das and Dr. Amos Adelowo as they guide you step by step through the process of creating a sure proof case list. Don’t miss out on our current special promotion discount for this one-day virtual workshop via Zoom. Apply discount code CLW30 today for this special savings.

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Join our Hybrid Board Review Course August 13-18

Exam Candidates

ABC utilizes e-learning tools and strategies to appeal to and meet the needs of all adult learners preparing for their OB/GYN certifying board exam. You now have the option to select your personalized learning pathway – either live in-person (Asheville, NC) or live remote (WebEx). In-person attendees are provided the opportunity for additional discussion and a social environment for an optimal breakout session experience. Live remote learners can still be engaged by asking questions of lecturing faculty and participating in the daily interactive sessions.

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, and Dates:    


12th - Mother's Day

19th - ABC's Virtual Case List Workshop (Use code CLW30 for a 30% discount)

22nd - First day to apply for ABOG 2025 Certifying Exam

27th - Memorial Day


14th - Flag Day

16th - Father's Day

18th - Last day to apply for 2024 AOBOG Oral Exam without a late fee

30th - ABOG candidates are notified to submit case lists

Practice with Free Written Questions 

Test your knowledge

We are here with you every step! ABC's Advisor blog will post written questions over the next several months. Try this question which comes from one of our Written Question Manuals:

Which ovarian tumor could lead to endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia?

A.    Brenner tumor

B.    Dysgerminoma

C.    Endometrial sinus

D.    Granulosa cell

E.    Immature teratoma

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Comprehensive Case List Review

A well-constructed case list makes all the difference to ensure one can adequately defend it. Having a comprehensive case list review before submission allows you to rework the areas that need it so that you can submit a sure-fire pass case list. ABC's faculty is ready to review your case list.

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