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5 day Review Courses this Fall
September 16-20 - Charlotte, NC
November 18-22 - Charlotte, NC

ABC offers an exam-focused and stream-lined review in accordance with the latest ACOG standards all in just five days. Focus on the latest high yield topics for your exam, as well as clinical pearls for your everyday practice. Included are a Test Topics Manual, handouts and oral defense tips. 
*This activity provides up to 44 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™  

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Table with chairsOnly 15% of the apps available are marketed to the physican. Here is a list of the most popular:
Epocrates - The gold standard: drug info & interactions, consults & referrals
UpToDate - Jammed packed with medical knowledge
Read by QxMD - Download all your medical journals and literature (ex. PubMed) into a magazine type format
Isabel - Diagnostic tool with over 6,000 disease symptoms and peer reviewed reports

How Medical Apps are Improving Healthcare

Apps are becoming increasingly popular even among the medical community.  Why?  It can save time, money & lives. MobileSmith lists 5 great reasons:

Patients can Send Medical Data Directly to their Doctor

Alzheimer Patients can receive Innovative Treatment

Streamline Emergency Check-ins

Keep Track of Presciption Medicines & Daily Dosage

On the Spot Medical Assistance & Guidance

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ABOG Oral Exam Study Tip  

Lock your textbooks away. The only references you will need are the Compendium, Precis, Prologs, and did we mention THE COMPENDIUM? These are the answer guides to your test. Contact if you need to order the newest version. A well-kept secret is to check in the back of the green journal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, every month for the latest updates to the Compendium. You’ll really impress the examiner if you are that current.

You can do it … we can help

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Breast and Ovarian Cancer increases with Prolonged Sitting  
Medical News Today

The American Cancer Society study reveals that there is a correlation between long periods of time being sedentary and devloping breast cancer, multiple myeloma and ovarian cancer.  

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Study Tip:  Subspecialists Preparing for their Oral Exam 

Raise your right hand and repeat after me, “I solemnly swear that I will NOT study my subspecialty topics until last. Actually, you don’t even need to study them at all. But if you insist, review it from a generalist’s perspective. After all, you are taking your general oral exam. You’ll really impress the examiner if you are that current.

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:  


1st -  Oral Exam fee of $975 due 
3rd -  1st due date for case list submission 
3rd -  $200 late fee applied when you submit your case list to ABC for review 
10th -  $400 late fee applied when you submit your case list to ABC for review 
17th - 2nd due date for case list submission, $345 late fee

1st - ABOG Written exam application now available online $1470 fee
15th - ABC's MOC Workshop and Oral Exam Workshop - Charlotte, NC 
16th - ABC's 4-hr Structured Cases Workshop - Charlotte, NC
16-20th - ABC's five day review course - Charlotte, NC

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