Upcoming Workshops

MOC Workshop

Our 8 hr workshop will review the past five yrs of high yield articles that overlap with the Compendium.  Held September 15 and November 17 in Charlotte, NC. 100% pass rate when taken in conjunction with our review course!  FREE strategizing consult with Dr. Krishna Das, ABC Course Director on how to choose your selectives.

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Oral Exam Workshop

Practice defending your case list, learn oral exam techniques and review strategy to nail those structured cases.  An 8 hour jam packed day!

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Structured Cases Workshop

Great preparation for this part of oral exam. Manual includes lectures notes, 16 cases with answer & scoring sheets. 4 hr workshop held during review course.  

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Study Smart!

Comprehensive Case List Review

A well constructed case list makes all the difference in defending it. Our faculty provides a recorded review of every case on your case list, followed up by a phone consult. Focus on construction or defense.  Submit a surefire pass product!  

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Course Recording DVD - Close Out

Our new course recordings will be available soon and we are offering our 2012 lecture recordings at a substantial discount. This DVD set contains over 69 lectures on 25 discs.  We have a limited number available.

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5-Day Review Course

ABC specializes in OB/GYN board preparation that covers 95% of your test topics in just five days. Each days' lectures are exam focused, evidence-based and in accordance with the latest ACOG references.

Includes: Written Questions booklet, Oral Defense Tips, Exam Strategy Sessions, Test Topics Manual, and more. Free evening sessions geared at exam.

The ONLY review course in the nation with Peer-Reviewed RESULTS. 

Fall 2015 courses:  September 16-20 and November 18-22 in Charlotte, NC

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