Testimonial Sidebar Code for AOBOG Oral Exam September Interactive Review Course - in Charlotte, NC


"I wanted to let you know that I passed my oral boards and am grateful to you and all of the staff at America’s ob/gyn board review. Each one of yours’ compassion and dedication to my success was appreciated and unexpected. Thank you for truly taking an interest in me and making this incredibly stressful journey better!! The course and mock orals truly were the difference in my success. I walked into the exam confident and ready. I’m forever grateful to all of you for the help in achieving my dream!!!!! God bless you all.”  - GR

I definitely felt that practicing with a partner made me answer questions more thoroughly than I would have on my own. I also now understand the timing and pace. This greatly lowered my anxiety and boosted my confidence."

"The other review courses that I attended just "regurgitated" information, whereas ABC actually "drilled it" (I use that term in a good way) incorporating strategy. An outstanding feature is the opportunity to add various services while at the review course (mock orals, structured cases, etc). ABC is personalized in its approach as well as in its teaching. The faculty realize and capitalize on the fact that different people learn and retain information in various ways ....I remember many of the instructors/lecturers stating "this is just a different way of remembering/learning this particular topic"; that in itself, is worth its weight in gold!” 

"I Passed!  Your course was a great help in getting me both up to date and mentally ready to sit for the exam” – MF

"I feel like a have a springboard of knowledge and a roadmap to follow and a support network to help me through this very daunting process. Thank you.” -  JD

“Great course overall. Dr. Das is a pretty amazing lecturer and extremely helpful in mentally/emotionally preparing for the oral exam. While content may be found at other review courses, her exam style lectures are superior.” KM


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