Test Question Banks A-E

Additional Information on Diagnostic Test Question Banks:

When you sit for all of our diagnostic banks (Bank A-E), you will get a well-rounded look at content material.  Therefore, thinking that one short exam can provide sufficient breadth of content review is not truly feasible, but with 525 questions, you get there.

When you take all 5 Diagnostic Tests, you will see the following numbers of questions in the indicated categories:

144 Oncology

143 Obstetrics

100 Epidemiology

86 Pharmacology

85 Pathology

83 REI

57 Primary care

53 Quality Measures

51 Maternal Physiology

41 Anatomy

36 Gynecology

26 Office Practice

26 Neonatal Physiology

16 Communications, etc.

15 Genetics

9 Malpractice

4 Ethics



392 one best answer questions

133 negatively phrased questions


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