Practice OB/GYN Board Exam FAQ’s

Why is taking this exam important?

Just as any athlete practices for his sport, in order to achieve your best performance on this important test, practicing in as similar a format to the actual test is crucial.

What is the format of the exam? Can I restart the exam and answer the questions again?

There are a total of 250 questions divided between two “booklets”. Within each booklet you may go forward or back to a previous question that you “marked” to review. However, you cannot go back to any question in that booklet once you have exited that booklet. Your % correct for each “Bk” (booklet) will be reported on the Summary Report you will have access to after completion of a brief survey.

What report is given after I take the exam?

A one-page summary report provides an overall score and time. Compare individual content scores to that overall score to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Can I restart the exam and answer the questions again?

In reality, after finishing one complete test, you can retake the test immediately if you wish. This holds until the expiration date. We strongly recommend you only take it once and in one sitting. However, the prompt to “Start a new test” does appear on your exam page.

Do I receive answers and references? If not, why not?

There are no answers or references. This exam is not intended as a pure content review but rather a test of your endurance and ability to stay focused for the required amount of time.

When is the best time to take the exam? How many days/weeks should I take it before my exam should I take the practice test?

We recommend you take this exam (as your schedule permits) no closer than a week before the actual test. This way, if you notice some dramatic issue, you will have time to address and remedy that specific issue or “error pattern”.

What is the recommended strategy after taking the exam based upon my results?

Analyze your results using the “Interpretation of Results” we provide. Were you missing questions in a content area you feel confident in? Why? Figure that out by going back to some practice questions in that specific area. You will get the best boost in your score by cleaning up any errors in questions with content that you know well. Ask yourself if you speed up and are not reading as carefully when you see a question that seems “easy”? Ask yourself if you miss some of questions because you decide on the answer too quickly and don’t read the rest of the answer choices? See if you are missing these questions because of some issue like standard of care or inaccurate definition. Don’t be concerned about weak content areas, you are not going to fix that in the next week or two and will only undermine you to try.

Do you score higher in the first booklet or the second booklet? Your goal is to have similar success in each booklet. Is your timing about the same in each booklet? Some examinees are slow to start and speed up from fatigue or nervousness toward the end of exams. If you do either, fix it. Warm up with 10 practice questions (these are questions you are reworking) before you begin. Ask yourself why you are fatigued? Should you have taken a break and had a snack? Or why you are nervous? Oftentimes it is because of the need to have a better strategy to manage timing.

Do you recommend retaking the exam again the following year for CREOGs or if I need to retake my certification exam?

Yes. You can retake the exam again and receive the benefit of self-evaluation. This is one of several reasons we do not provide the answers.


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