Oral Exam Webinar for ABOG FPMRS Oral Exam


“I wanted to leave a review of the course and to extend my warmest thank you for an incredible lecture series and MOCK experience for the FPMRS exam. I was so pleased with the structure of the course and with the frequency of communication. Specifically, an email was sent out in December of 2017 outlining the start of the course in January of 2018. The emails were friendly and not intimidating. Also, the January start was in line with what I thought a reasonable study start date would be, mid-Jan up until the exam. I really liked the fact that the courses ended at the end of March. This helped immensely with confirming my timeline. The lectures were awesome, straight to the point and effective. The lectures covered a wide range of topics and certainly made me feel prepared for the exam.”  TD

"Thank you for all your help navigating through board prep! I will definitely recommend the course to my colleagues.” Warmest regards, TT


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