Multifetal Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions


Why are these “high risk”?


Discuss fetal, placental, uterine, maternal issues.


Why is early ultrasound important?


What is and draw the lamba sign.


What is twin-twin transfusion (TTT)?


How does TTT occur? Give timeline for monozygotic egg separation and placentation.


What is the first clinical sign of TTT?


How to treat TTT? Prognosis?


What multiple gestations are candidates for vaginal delivery?


What is postpartum risk to mother?



ACOG Practice Bulletin 169, October 2016, Reaffirmed 2017

Multifetal Gestations:Twin, Triplet, and High-Order Multifetal Pregnancies

SOGC Guideline #262, July 2011. Prenatal Screening for and Diagnosis of Aneuploidy in Twin Pregnancies (replaces #187, February 2007).

SOGC Guideline #91 !, July 2000. Management of Twin Pregnancies (Part 1)

SOGC Guideline #93 !, August 2000. Management of Twin Pregnancies (Part 2)

SOGC Guideline #260, June 2011. Ultrasound in Twin Pregnancies

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