Michael Carson, MD, FACP

Dr. Carson is a Board Certified Internist who obtained his A.B. from Lafayette College, went to medical school at Temple University, and completed his Internal Medicine residency at Brown University. Dr. Carson continued at Brown for a fellowship in Obstetric and Consultative Medicine. Currently he holds a dual appointment as a Clinical Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and OB/GYN at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He is Vice Chair of Research/Outcomes Department of Medicine at Jersey Shore UMC in Neptune, NJ. In addition to being a reviewer for the Annals of Internal Medicine, Women's Health and Obstetric Medicine, he is published and a leader in educating internists about caring for medical disorders during pregnancy. Quoting Dr. Das, "Dr. Carson KNOWS us OB/GYNs well and is the perfect guy to torture us with primary care and medical complications of pregnancy. 

Lafayette College

Medical School:
Temple University

Brown University

Clinical Associate Professor at Robert Woods Johnson Medical School
Vice Chair of Research/Outcomes Department of Medicine
at Jersey Shore UMC

Quotes from our Students

“Outstanding primary care lectures! This is the 1st review course where I actually paid attention to these topics!”  SH

“Dr. Carson is excellent. I appreciate the summary points and he did a good job of making sure we know the expected standard of care." JB

“He is fantastic! He made IM topics not so painful! Thanks!”

“He has an understanding of maternal physiology that is rare among IM doctors and he is really good at communicating to us OB/GYNs.”

“Great review of primary care! I have much more confidence now”

“Fabulous! Funny, great slides; liked the ‘to the point’ focus”

“His frequent injection of humor made his lectures easy to stay focused on. He’s great!”

“Loved efficiency and lecture style; covered a lot of primary care issues and took care to highlight important points." JK

“Great presenter! Lots of energy – kept me awake all day”



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