Characteristics of a Successful Online Learner

We want to provide opportunities that offer options and flexibility of learning to our customers.  Our 5 Day Courses are a perfect fit for learners who engage more successfully with face-to-face immediate interactions while learning.  For those who are seeking a more flexible approach, online learning may be a good fit.  Our asynchronous courses provide flexibility to complete learning at your own pace at a time of day more convenient for busy schedules.  If you are considering one of our online courses, we recommend these study habits and personality traits in order to ensure a more successful learning experience:

A successful online learner:

  • Is a self-disciplined and self-motivated person.
    • Is very adept at time-management and sets aside time to work in order to stick to a schedule.
    • Is an independent learner.
    • Asks for help and expresses concerns when needed.
    • Is not a procrastinator.
    • Understands that online learning can be more challenging than face-to-face learning.
    • Has access to a dependable computing device with internet access and speakers.
    • Is comfortable in a virtual environment where communication with an instructor and peers happens in cyberspace (emails, discussion boards, etc.)
    • Is adept at logging into and out of secure systems with a username and password.
    • Takes responsibility for their own learning.
    • Understands that “you get out of learning what you put in!

    If this describes you, then our online learning platform is a great way to access content for review and study at a time of day that works for you!


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