Case List Construction Tip:

By Krishna Das, MD, ABC Course Director

The 80:20 rule applies to your case list, too. The examiner has only 30 minutes to examine you on your case list. He typically can get through only 10-15 cases. Thus, for 80% of your case list, you want to be crystal clear as to why you did what you did. The remaining 20% are strategically worded to beg the line of questioning that you desire.

The most common mistake on constructing your OFFICE case list is column confusion. The Results column is intended to be for the results of your treatment, NOT for the results of your diagnostic procedures. Put the results of your procedures in parenthesis in the Diagnostic Procedures column.


Diagnostic Procedures  Results



Painful vulvar lesions  

H&P (ulcerations on vulva)

STD counseling

Resolution of symptoms

Culture (Herpes)





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